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The largest fight my spouse and I had during marriage preparation–and, come to think of it, blessedly among the biggest fights we have ever had–included RSVP cards.  To understand our debate, you will need to know that our relationship is among these opposites-attract sitcoms that you would vow would not work in real life.  I am an early adopter; she is still utilising technologies from the previous decade.  (Also: I am like a con.  She is just like a plus.)  When we got married, in 2009, I acquiesced to all her fantasies, and a lot of our nuptials were not up to date.  (I’d get the best to converse a photograph of the bride directly following the ceremony, however.)


However, I set his foot down on the RSVP cards.  In fact, I would have chosen to have shipped our invitations entirely online with some Evite–such as support.  This idea proved to be a non-starter; my spouse is a stationery nerd so that I knew there was no way we had been getting away from the newspaper.  In the minimum, however, I contended that we ought to give people the choice of reacting to our invitations on line.  Rather than needing to complete their meal tastes on a card and then discard it in the mail, why don’t you include a straightforward email address which they might respond?  Or, better still, a URL for them to complete an Internet form–that, apparently, would automatically populate a spreadsheet which we can hand over to our caterers?  To get it done the old-fashioned manner seemed hopelessly ineffective, such as much a lot of work for our visitors and ourselves.


My requirement sparked a massive row.  There were insults, tears, begging, matters better left unsaid; my spouse was not too happy, either.  In the long run, we did it exactly the conservative manner.  Guests obtained a RSVP card using a pre-stamped envelope filled with their invitations.  They stuffed it out and dropped it in the email.  Andrew from Andrew Boschier Wedding Photography even hand-wrote with thoughtful notes for the RSVP cards.  It was all right, I guess.

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However, when I had to do it all over again–that I am pretty confident I will not do it unless my wife reads this narrative–I understand that we will do it my way.  And it will not only be the RSVP cards.  That is because something incredible has occurred in the four years because I have married: Digital invitations are now totally acceptable.  If you wish to dismiss cardstock to your wedding, do not think twice about it.  Proceed.  Worry not.  The etiquette authorities have dropped all earth in this struggle.


On whose authority can I create this pronouncement?  Well, there is no worldwide decider in these types of matters– and it is certainly a fact that there are lots of folks who still think online invitations are sticky and unbecoming of a high profile affair.  The manners doyenne Peggy Post asserts that digital wedding invitations “may fit the bill for a casual wedding,” but are “not the ideal match to get a formal one.”


Post along with other competitions of online invitations provide two chief justifications for their loyalty to the newspaper.  To begin with, they state, online invitations only are not tasteful–since they delivered on email, which is frequently used for “casual” communicating, online invitations don’t “convey the same sense of significance as a paper-and-ink invitation obtained in the email.”  Another issue is that digital invitations produce their own RSVP lists, there’ll probably be a couple of oldsters that are not able to use the world wide web.  As a consequence, that you can not get away from newspaper entirely–and if that’s true, why don’t you utilise it for everybody?


However, these debates are bunk.  Throughout the previous few decades, both paper and digital wedding invitations have improved considerably–they are now both economical, tasteful, and easy to produce and send out.  This usually means that you don’t need to choose between the internet and print invitations.  You’re able to send out both.  As an example, at websites like Minted, it is possible to quickly create lovely print invitations in small amounts for an affordable price–$100 for 25.  That means that you may provide email invitations to the huge majority of people on your guest list that is tech-savvy, and then save a few of those paper invitations to the few who are not.

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Can people look back on your electronic invites?  Sure, some might.  But do not place much stock in their prejudices.  That is because digital invitations have numerous clear benefits over the paper.  We reside in lean times; no one will fault you if you would like to spend less on the invitations to spend more for better food, better audio, a better honeymoon, or simply so that you can pay the lease.  Electronic invitations will also be more environmentally friendly than the newspaper.  And they are less work.  Arranging a wedding is tough.  If you would like to save time gathering addresses and composing out envelopes, to not mentioning keeping track of RSVPs, you are within your rights to do so.


The very outdated objection to internet invitations is that this widespread assumption that they are inelegant, possibly because the display is not as beautiful as newspaper or because email is not as elegant as the postal service.  Let us dispense with this second thing first: What does it matter whether the email is primarily employing for casual conversation?  It is similar to your snail-mail inbox is a haven for refined communication–it is most often apply to garnish circulars, catchy solicitations, and reminders from the dentist.  And yet, despite the great pedestrian deal, a gorgeous envelope addressed by a calligrapher and a gracefully designed invite on quality cardstock still stands outside.  So why not we think the same is possible online?  Sure, email is largely awful.  But occasionally you get an amazing note or gorgeous invitation by a friend, like from my friend Tony over at Tony Mattingley Photography.  In those minutes, is not it great?

I guess the issue is, whose unaccountable dominance in online invitations has given people the notion that all digital invites are nasty.  But that is simply not true.  There are lots of other, better internet invitation websites which provide more trendy designs and a much more thoughtful user interface.  The best of them produce invitations which evoke the same sense as a tasteful letterpress card you would find sitting involving the circulars on your snail-mail inbox–a feeling that a whole lot of thought was poured into this event, that this particular bride and groom are attempting to make something wonderful.

“What is important is the thought that goes into everything you are saying and the way you are expressing it.  Whether you send the message on paper or in email is not the essential question.”

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