The Unspoken Reason Why Wedding Photography is So Expensive

Here’s a Frequent complaint: “Why¬† wedding photography is so expensive?”

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Among the most common complaints concerning wedding photography is the fact that it is too pricey. I have seen this opinion uttered from all corners of the net. I have also seen only as many photographers leap at the chance to defend their costs by writing posts that only an accountant can love.

Three decades ago, I stumbled upon one particular article on PetaPixel. Penned from Nikki Wagner, Why Wedding Photographers’ Costs are “Wack”, was a public reaction to an anonymous woman’s frustrated Craigslist article inquiring about the high expense of selecting an “exceptional, amazingly gifted, enjoyable photographer”.

Wagner went to great depth breaking her down the price of doing Company, deliverables, and living expenses. Her judgment was that she does not make that much money, regardless of what customers may think is a top pre-wedding fee.

Her post quickly gained Traction and disperse throughout the internet photography community. Although posts on the subject existed before Wagner’s — including posts using similar discussions — the virality of Why Wedding Photographers’ Costs are “Wack” had a landmark impact. Ever since that time, many wedding photographers have composed the mandatory “Why is wedding photography so pricey” report.

Unfortunately, this is a damaging and fruitless Exercise that does not deal with the problem. Honestly, I am surprised that somebody has not yet contained scans of the tax returns to make a point. Prepare for some actual talk.

Wedding Photography is Expensive Since it is a Luxury, I am defining luxury as some thing That you need or would love to have but not required. The Craigslist poster wrote, “They’re ripping off people for whatever they have! When you would like to get wed it costs you AT LEAST 15 grand after all is said-and-done? It’s such CRAP!! I like all you $ 3,000.00 photographers out there, but I believe your rates are WACK.”

Instantly, I Want to Point out that there is a differentiation between getting married and holding a marriage. Getting married is something that you may require; keeping a marriage is something which you desire. The poster is incorrect when she says that getting married is pricey: relative to the cost of the wedding, it is quite reasonably priced.

For Example, if you Live in Toronto and you want to get married, your overall expenses will come to below $400, including the license and marriage officiant. I am conscious that the author is out of Puget Sound, but that I doubt getting married in Washington is significantly more costly than in Ontario. Whatever the case, despite her choice of words, the author was talking about holding a marriage.


Weddings Are Costly because with a large catered celebration is a luxury. When you eliminate the service from the remainder of the day’s archetypical actions, you are left with the increased part of the possible $15,000 charge. Your prices should not rise by much even though religious obligations require the service be held in your respective home of worship.

The Significant expenses are all that is not part of the Official service: the place(s), spirits and multi-course foods for guests, a multi-layered cake, flowers, decorations, entertainment, your wardrobe, makeup and hair, lodging, and, given the character of the guide, you want to have a wedding photographer record the whole affair and do this with outstanding artistry.

Luxury brands don’t warrant their costs with complex Breakdowns of the prices. For instance, whenever someone walks into a Chanel shop and wants to purchase a handbag, the salesperson is not going to relay the expense of materials, labour, cargo, rental, promotion, etc., to warrant the purchase price. What they will do is market the brand and its description, its exclusivity, the classic style, impeccable craftsmanship, customer support, and its capacity to retain value more than other less exclusive brands.

After all, it is a frivolous Buy–since nobody requires a Chanel anything, even among those who want a handbag–and many purchasers of luxury goods know that. Regrettably, when planning a marriage, some folks, like the Craigslist poster, never come to this understanding.

Think about the longevity of These costly services. The food, alcohol, and cake have flushed down the drain (rather literally). The venue and lodging will function as subdued backdrops to your memories. The flowers will wilt and decorations, thrown off. The entertainment is going to be a ringing in your ears the next morning. Your makeup is going to be washed off, and the hair slept on. Your wedding gown will stay, but there’ll never again be a sensible event to utilise it (so give your dress away).

Of all these Unnecessary, impractical, and conspicuous expenditures, the video and photo files hold the maximum usefulness. Their worth increases with time, acquiring an inverse connection to your recollection of the day.

When wedding photographers recognised the question With comprehensive cost breakdowns, they place themselves and the profession as a whole at a drawback. Defending your prices in this fashion is an implicit acknowledgement that they’re indeed unreasonably large and, worse so that your skills don’t talk for themselves.

Wedding photography is a luxury service, and there is absolutely No imperative that you supply customers with an audit. This kind of investigation may also put you at a disadvantage with clients who question your gross profits along with your perfectly valid motives can be misinterpreted as explanations.

I Want to make a proposal to my fellow wedding Photographers: Stop justifying your fees with price breakdowns. It cheapens your work. Treat wedding photography as a desirable luxury service that it is, not a mere requirement that budget searching couples want it to be.


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