You know that you like to marry Your partner. Whether you have been together for a month or two or more than ten decades, it does not matter. This is the person who you need to talk about your life together, and you are all set to initiate the process. There is just one problem. You are not exactly certain how the procedure starts. From looking for engagement rings to popping the question and reserving the venue to purchasing gifts for your wedding celebration, the full procedure feels overwhelming. Fortunately, we have created an extensive manual for planning your big day. Many people today assume that wedding preparation starts the day you become engaged, but it starts months before using the engagement ring. Follow the steps below to get a stress-free, ideal moment. If you like lists and notes then please head over here to download a free guide.


Engagement Timeline

6 Months Before:


When You set a Tentative date you wish to get engaged, it is important to begin searching for rings whenever possible. Even when you’ve completed plenty of research before or you think you understand the sort of ring you need, it is almost impossible to genuinely tell until you have noticed the each ring and tried them. Take your time on this step and revel in the procedure.


3-4 Seconds Before:


This is the time when You should purchase the ring! Get the ring sized. Before finalising the purchase, make sure you see it in person. As soon as you’ve purchased the ring, then take it home and begin the next step.


1-2 Months Before:


Now that you have Procured the ring, it is time to begin planning the suggestion. Based on how elaborate you intend to get it done, you may have to consider places, particular directions, and photographers.




The afternoon for the Proposal has arrived. After she says yes, it is time to begin into the wedding checklist.


Wedding Timeline

12 Seconds Before:


When You’re engaged and have Placed the date, the first and most crucial thing to do is book a place. After picking a venue and procuring your place, it is time to produce the guest list and gift registry.


10 Seconds Before:


Ten months before your big day, It is time to pick your wedding celebration and decide on the sellers for your day. It is important to choose the vendors whenever possible, so it’s possible to define your preferences, find reputable businesses, and affirm that they’re offered for your wedding. After you’ve completed all that, it is time to ask your furry friend to stand by your side! The very best method to do this is having a thoughtful present or magnificent necklace, such as the Daisy Pendant.


8 Months Before:


Now’s the time for 2 of the Most interesting parts: ordering the cake and dress! Have fun with all the tasting and fitting and make sure you enjoy every moment.


6 Months Before:


You are officially halfway there! Six months before wedding is the best time to send save the dates, employ your photographer, we would suggest using Neil Atkinson from Neil Atkinson Wedding Photography based in Bristol, and reserve the honeymoon.


3 Months Before:


It is officially crunch time. Now’s the time to send the invitations, plan the rehearsal dinner, and purchase the wedding rings, and buy accessories for the big moment.


One Month Ahead:


It is time for All those Finishing touches. Make sure to apply for your wedding license, relish your bachelorette party, and purchase gifts for your wedding celebration.


Final Weeks:


The last weeks are all about The details. Make sure to confirm everything with all the sellers and finalise your seating chart.



Congratulations! All of your Hard work has paid off along with your big day has finally arrived. Make Sure to take it All, enjoy every second, and take a deep breath. You did it! and to make sure you done make these mistakes.

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